4 hilarious hustle and bustle Kenyans invented to make ends meet

  • In an economy with an unemployment rate of over 10%, the number of unemployed young people with education and illiterate continues to increase
  • With this in mind, some of them have come up with incredibly hectic ideas in the hopes of making some money
  • From selling memes to pushing stalled vehicles, TUKO.co.ke shares some of that hustle and bustle

Kenya is a fun haven for those who have the financial means, but difficult reasons for those who struggle to make ends meet.

5 hilarious hustle and bustle Kenyans invented to make ends meet
Source: UGC

In an economy with a shrinking labor market, most unemployed youth had to think twice as hard to make a living.

In the name of this elusive coin, some excellent but also outrageous hustle and bustle have arisen.

TUKO.co.ke shares some of the hilarious hustle and bustle that has come to the fore in the recent past.

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If you own a smartphone, most likely you’ve come across, received, or shared memes.

Memes are humorous or satirical images, videos or texts that are computer-generated and distributed by Internet users via social media.

As many times as memes are shared for free, one young man figured he could make money quickly by charging KSh 20 so people could look at them and laugh heartily.

“Memeprenuer. Only look at the memes at KSh 20. Stop depression,” it said on his banner.

Charging Nairobians to show them the way

The city of Nairobi may not be the largest in the world, but newbies will acknowledge that it is challenging to navigate.

Most have difficulty remembering landmarks, and there is usually the constant threat of asking for instructions from someone who uses your misinformation to mislead or steal your valuables.

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To fill that void, a young man named Kadusko The Comedian recently tried to make a shilling out of showing directions to those new to the Nairobi CBD.

In a hilarious clip that went viral recently, the prankster was seen advertising a service designed to help those new to town and unsure of where to go.

The man, wearing a long shirt, coat, tie and jeans, held up a poster promoting his services, which cost KSh 10.

“Don’t get lost in town, ask for directions from here. It’s only KSh 10.”

It is not yet clear whether Kadusko’s apparently ingenious business idea ever made a living.

Pushing stuck vehicles

The road network in Kenya is constantly congested when it rains as most of them become impassable.

In such cases, drivers have difficulty navigating, in particular, vehicles that are closer to each other.

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5 hilarious hustle and bustle Kenyans invented to make ends meet
Kenyans help recover a vehicle that is stuck in a ditch. Photo: Twitter.
Source: UGC

Some teens have since seen this as a way to make money by pushing stuck vehicles out of the mud.

They capitalize on the fact that a stuck car driver relies on outside help and is willing to pay for the services instead of being left in the mud.

Sugar mom

A few years ago, a young unemployed man from Chavakali, Kakamega County, went viral after publicly advocating a sugar mummy.

In a video shared online, the man named Evans Lichunga was seen begging rich older women to leave for him.

“Where can I get these women who marry men?” He asked.

TUKO.co.ke found that 20-year-old Evans, 20, had come to Nairobi from Kakamega to marry a wealthy old woman.

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He added that he had dropped out of sixth grade and decided to marry an old woman because he had neither the means to return to Kakamega nor a place to stay.

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