Bangi-ology: Gwada Ogot explains the Roots Party’s marijuana pledge

Researcher Gwada Ogot. [Wire Apondi, Standard]

Researcher and political scientist Gwada Ogot has led Roots Party delegates to explain to the nation why Prof George Wajackoyah’s marijuana campaign is the best choice for Kenya’s struggling economy as the country prepares for August 9 elections .

Speaking at KICC today ahead of the release of the party’s manifesto, Ogot put his weight behind Prof Wajackoyah’s “weed agenda” and noted that its legalization will have huge benefits and should not be overlooked by voters.

Ogot, whose message focused on the intriguing facets of marijuana, primarily the science surrounding hemp extraction, explained that Kenyans need to abandon the rigid structure of public opinion surrounding its legalization and appreciate the potential of its fiber industry powered by three strains of cannabis is bloated, sativa, indicaand ruderalis.

“All paper money in the world is made from hemp fiber. Everyone contributes [bank] A notice; When you have it in your pocket, you carry proof of the effectiveness and economic benefits of marijuana. If you have money in your pocket, you have a taste of what marijuana can do for our economy,” Ogot said to thunderous applause.

Roots Party presidential candidate Prof George Wajackoyah with his candidate Justina Wamae at the KICC. [Wire Apondi, Standard]

According to Ogot, marijuana is a high-yield industrial crop, the fibers of which provide a variety of feedstocks for manufacturing a variety of commercial and industrial products, including textiles and biofuels, that Kenya needs to develop, especially with growing public guilt.

“A lot of people don’t know that in all ports around the world, all the twine used to anchor the world’s largest ships is made from hemp fiber. All military uniforms, including their tent gear, are made from hemp fiber. Garment material made from hemp fibers is about 70 percent stronger than cotton and cheaper to manufacture,” Ogot said.

Adding, “Hemp can also produce fertilizer for our farms, chicken and cow feed for agriculture. When growing these plants we do not need any fungicides, herbicides or pesticides. It just grows and heals the soil. I would like to appeal to the party leadership to take responsibility and help us push the legalization of marijuana, not only as an economic revolution, but also as a spiritual passage for all those who use it to express their spirituality.”

In an appeal to voters, Ogot noted that the fibers offer a natural and safe alternative to incorporate into her beauty products.

“My appeal to every woman across the country who is aware that marijuana can provide oil that we sew up our bodies and not petroleum jelly because petroleum is for vehicles and machinery, not our bodies. Anyone in need of organic medicine and oil; that time of liberation is now… The time to change is now. Where everyone has an equal opportunity for food, safety and health,” Ogot said.

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