Biniyam teases fans with dirty dancing in his welding uniform

90-Day Fiancée: The Other Way fans are mightily impressed with Biniyam Shibre’s physique during his sweat scene with Ariela Weinberg in the finale.

Ariela Weinberg’s partner, Biniyam Shibre, showed off his moves for his 90 days fiancé: the other way Admirers on Instagram after passing her out in his welder’s uniform. The Ethiopian man Biniyam has been since 90 days fiance Season 2 spin-offs. During her performance, Ariela said she fell for Biniyam’s smile the first time she met him while she was married to her first husband, Leandro Fosque. But TLC viewers have never shied away from admitting that they admire the body of the dancer, choreographer, and MMA fighter Biniyam, something that caught their eye during his most recent white t-shirt moment.


I don’t have good eyesight so I think that’s all I’ve seen“Ariela said with a laugh when she introduced Biniyam as her baby 90 days fiancé: the other way. But Ariela had an anxiety attack when she moved to Ethiopia in a later episode and found that Biniyam had chopped off his long dreadlocks. But it seems fans never stopped being overwhelmed by Biniyam’s personality on the show and on social media. While Ariela and Biniyam didn’t get married like the rest of the couples in the penultimate episode of the season, their only scene became unforgettable for them because Bini looked attractive as he learned the art of welding.

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Reality star Biniyam, who already “every other -is that exists“When it came to his job, Ariela revealed that he had worked hard as a welder to support his family. But it seems he has also worked hard on his body to prepare for his MMA fight, which Biniyam won when he arrived in New York in August of that year. After the final, the fans made sure to express their admiration for Bini in the “name is”Sweat scene, although some were concerned that Biniyam was not wearing protective goggles or a welding mask. Still, Biniyam decided to show how much fun he had filming the intense scene with Ariela by posting a behind-the-scenes video on his Instagram page. “Did you like my welding uniform on the show?“Asked Biniyam when he explained:”Ari said if I learn a trade I can make good money in America.

Perhaps now that he has moved there, Biniyam is having trouble finding professional welding jobs in the United States as he has also asked his followers, “Is it true?“The hardworking Biniyam danced to his own song“ Dancey Dancey ”, which he released in May. He also added the hashtags: “#welder #sexywelder # 90dayfiancé #kenia #mombasa #dance #arielaandbiniyam“To his contribution. In the comments, fans told Biniyam that the answer is yes and he should “Just do it!“As you can”make a bank a certified welder. “In the meantime, a fan also commented:”#magicmike“On Biniyam’s video and he told them:”Yes Ari showed me“With a laughing emoji.

Someone also wanted to see Biniyam and Ari perform the dance of Dirty dancing on Instagram. But many also seemed to agree that Biniyam is better suited for a job where he has to demonstrate his movements rather than his welding skills as a beginner. After all, Ariela herself admitted that she did it 90 days fiancé: the other way so that Biniyam could become popular as Usman “Sojaboy” Umar.

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90 days fiancé: the other way airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: Biniyam Shibre / Instagram

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