Camping facilities for spectators on the eve of the KCB Thika rally


NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov. 17 – Following the Ministry of Health’s lifting of the ban on social gatherings, the organizers of the KCB Thika Rally are offering spectators camping on the Buffalo Hill stage in Kamuthi this weekend.

The 31.13 km stage will be the center of attraction as it is run twice as CS1 and SS5.

According to the organizer Rallye Sports Club (RSC), those who fancy some action on the Buffalo stage should spend the night where tent and catering services are available for a fee.

According to Perry Wahu, Head of Communications at Buffalo Hill, the Ksh offers double tents. 2500.

“Fans can stay overnight on Buffalo Hill, where food and drinks are available for a fee,” said Wahu.

The course instructor Hellen Shiri nevertheless pointed out that the COVID-19 guidelines apply to everyone and everyone who takes part in the event.

Shiri, who is also the WRC Safari Rally Secretary, added that spectators only have access to the Buffalo stage a day before race day.

“It’s about avoiding spectator traffic on Sunday, as the stage will be live from 8:18 am. Otherwise, Sunday visitors can watch the action in the pavilion. Sports rally events make up an essential part of the country’s sports tourism market. “

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“Some of Kenya’s biggest sporting events like WRC Safari offer great opportunities for sports tourism. In terms of tourism development, KNRC events like Thika Rally can be catalysts for economic opportunity if destination branding and infrastructure development are properly used, ”explained Shiri.

The Rally Sports Club (RSC) run of the KCB Kenya National Rally Championship starts and ends on Sunday at Mount Kenya University (MKU) in Thika.

The testing, sealing and marking of components will take place on Saturday in the Kasarani Stadium.

While team managers and mechanics present rally cars for inspection, drivers and navigators are on a tour of discovery to get to know the route.

A highlight of the event is the designated 3.2 km long audience stage at the MKU Graduation Pavilion, where the fans are allocated parking spaces outside the venue and they enter the designated viewing area. The stage is repeated twice as SS2 and SS6.

The repeat run of the 28.48 km long Ndula stage will be the designated power stage, where the three best drivers will receive bonus points for the championship.

Thika Rally is co-funded by Kamuthi’s Buffalo Hills and Mount Kenya University.

The KNRC 2021 was for both the WRC Safari Rally and the ARC Equator Rally in Nakuru, Naivasha, Nanyuki, Ramisi for the Mombasa round and Machakos for the KMSC event. The Guru Nanak rally will crown the 9-part KNRC season next month.


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08:00: start of the MKU pavilion

08:18: SS1-Bufallo 1 (31.13 km)

09:16: SS2 pineapple 1 (21.92 km)

09:54: SS3 Pavilion 1 (3.52km)

10:02 am: HOLD IN-MKU

10.17: Service A In


10:47 am: Service A out-refueling

11:05 am: SS4-Ndula 1 (25.48 km)

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11:48 am: SS5 – Bufalo 2 (31.13 km)

12:36: SS6 Pavilion 2 (3.52km)



1:14 p.m. Service B out / HOLDING IN

13.29: STOP

13.42: Ndula 2 -Power Stage (25.48km)

SERVICE D -MKU (10 minutes)

2.27 p.m .: Service out / Parc Ferme In

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