Kenya Income

Ecobank Global Bond Milestone | Global finance magazine

Ecobank has access to global capital markets just as Africa’s economic recovery from the pandemic is about to begin. Ecobank Transnational, the pan-African banking conglomerate, acquired a significant new investor base last month with a $ 300 million bond offering on the London Stock Exchange by its Nigerian subsidiary. The …

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Australia’s $ 1 trillion debt explosion exposed

“Disconcerting”: Australian debt explosion revealed. Source: Getty Last week’s budget lit the fuse of an economic time bomb. The Morrison government has blocked a decade or more of massive budget deficits and a never-ending increase in public debt, even though it assumes that a Covid-19 vaccine will be found next …

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3 times it made sense for me to get into debt

The financial planning community is rightly beating a big anti-debt drum. With nearly 40% of American families having more than $ 15,000 in credit card debt at interest rates above 13%, we clearly have a debt problem in our society. But when one of my non-CFP® professional colleagues recently asked …

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