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Definition of bad debt expense

What is a bad debt expense? A bad debt is recognized when admissible no longer collectible because a customer is unable to meet their obligation to pay an unpaid debt due to bankruptcy or other financial problems. Businesses that extend credit to their customers report bad debts as an allowance …

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Do you have medical debt? Here is what to do

Medical debt is a common problem in the United States. Many people suffer from health problems, but they cannot pay their medical bills. Eventually, these become medical debts with which they struggle for several years. Unfortunately, neither private nor public health insurance could cover many of them. We will highlight …

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Unwanted companies pose as green warriors to cut debt costs

Undesirable rated companies owned by private equity firms exploit ESG narratives to lower borrowing costs. Debt investors fear being played. To cut a chunk of its interest rates, German packaging company Kloeckner Pentaplast GmbH, owned by SVPGlobal, has pledged to use more recycled materials and add more women to senior …

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