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Eighty-nine Kenyans, most of them domestic workers, have died in the past two years in Saudi Arabia, where authorities have reported the cause of death as “cardiac arrest”.

A report presented to the National Assembly by Foreign Minister Kamau Macharia adds a new dimension to the abuse cases of Kenyans working in Saudi Arabia, which in the past have led the government to ban its citizens from looking for work in the country.

41 Kenyans died in Saudi Arabia this year, 28 of them domestic workers. Last year, 48 Kenyans – 29 of them domestic workers – died in the Middle East. The number of Kenyans in distress at the embassy in 2019 was 883, but the cases rose to 1,025 in the past year, according to the report presented to the working committee on Thursday.

The PS told the committee that the government accepted the Saudi government’s declaration of cardiac arrest and had never performed autopsies on the bodies to independently determine the causes of death.

This sparked a conviction of shocked MPs who suspected the deaths were being rotten and urged the government to do more to protect Kenyans in the Gulf from abuse.

Belgut MP Nelson Koech wondered how 89 people could have died from a single disease.

“There is no way that 89 people can die of a certain disease,” said Koech.

The PS agreed with MPs that not all deaths could be explained by a common factor, but insisted that its ministry’s functions do not include determining such matters.

“The Department of Labor and the National Labor Board should do this (autopsy reports confirm), but they have scaled back our message

“The statistics show the terrible reality we are facing. It warrants courageous and determined action to curb the continued suffering of Kenyan domestic workers in Saudi Arabia, ”he said, adding that the country should not tolerate such a high death toll.

Mr. Kamau blamed the “dysfunctional nature” of the Department of Labor for the problems, adding that they had become a “nightmare” for Kenya‘s diplomats as well. He said a “structured agreement” and the establishment of a full-fledged employment office dedicated to the affairs of immigrant workers would address the issue.

Dor to an undertaker and they want me to be an undertaker, “he said.

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Kenya: Mashujaa Day – Government bans celebrations in the county due to Covid-19 Fri, 24 Sep 2021 18:01:02 +0000

The government has banned Mashujaa Day celebrations in all counties due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Interior Minister Dr. Karanja Kibicho said Friday that the public should watch the national celebrations in Kirinyaga district live on television. The event will take place at Wang’uru Stadium in the Mwea constituency.

“The celebrations will not take place in other counties as cases of the disease are still being reported,” said Dr. Kibicho, stressing that the government wants to protect Kenyans. He asked the district officials to make sure the ban is enforced.

During the inspection of the Wang’uru Stadium under construction, Dr. Kibicho, the government takes the disease seriously and wants all containment measures to be followed.

The Sh300 million stadium with a capacity for 10,000 people is due to be completed on October 5th.

Only 2,000 people are allowed to enter the venue to ensure social distancing to contain the spread of the virus.

“Many residents wanted to attend the celebration led by President Uhuru Kenyatta, but it will not be possible because of the disease that is devastating people’s lives,” the PS said.

Dr. Kibicho reiterated that major development projects are underway in the area and must be completed before the celebrations.

“Roads are being built and street lights are being installed in the larger cities of the region. A state lodge, where the head of state will have lunch with his guests, is under construction while Wang’uru Airfield is being modernized. Projects that need to be done perfectly, “he said.

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Kenya is now open to Indian travelers Fri, 24 Sep 2021 01:31:00 +0000

Indians can now experience many adventures in Kenya as the Kenya Tourism Board announced that the country has reopened its borders to Indian travelers. Kenya was closed to tourism for a while during a second wave of coronavirus. According to the Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA), flights from India to Kenya are now resuming. Another good news is that Indian travelers do not need to be quarantined if they can present a COVID negative certificate, which should be tested 96 hours prior to travel. The visa application will continue to be processed online.

One important aspect to consider is that Kenya has also mentioned yellow fever vaccination, which is still mandatory for every Indian visitor of all ages. Travelers are expected to have a valid vaccination card upon arrival in Kenya.

Kenya is a travel destination known for its amazing wildlife attractions. The Masai Mara National Reserve is particularly known for its wildlife. Nairobi is also a famous tourist destination, with the Nairobi National Park safaris being some of the most sought-after in the country.

Kenya is one of the few long-distance travel destinations that is open to Indian tourists. The nation is also running several campaigns to attract the attention of tourists.

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Kenya: Conmen targets elderly people in Mount Kenya, Rift Valley, with fake Mau Mau goodies Thu, 23 Sep 2021 15:18:29 +0000

A group of men and women who invoke the name of President Uhuru Kenyatta have betrayed elderly people in parts of Mount Kenya and the Rift Valley with promises of money and land.

Research by Nation.Africa shows that the well-organized legion of scammers has split into regional teams that introduce themselves as coordinators of the Mau Mau Solidarity Trust and mega Mashujaa heroes.

In the act, the scammers first identify and approach those over 80, especially when the government gives monthly grants to seniors.

They then lie that the president was interested in rewarding Mau Mau heroes and their children with money and land.

To take advantage of this, victims are asked to register between Sh3,000 and Sh5,000, and for land, a stake that qualifies one to get two acres per capita is worth Sh8,000.

The government pays the elderly in three installments that receive Sh8,000 every four months.

Waweru Gatune almost fell into the trap had it not been for his 64-year-old daughter-in-law Margaret Njambi.

“On the afternoon of August 23rd, at my home in Gikandu village, I received a delegation of five people – three men and two women – who presented themselves as trustees of the president at the reward of Mau Mau war veterans and their children,” said Gatune told.

He was asked to register for the monetary award and land allocation in Laikipia County, where approximately 50,000 acres were reportedly reserved for this purpose.

“I became interested since I was asked to enroll at Sh5,000 in order to receive Sh470,000 in the president’s alleged bonus program. Again, it was fair enough to part with Sh8,000 to get two acres of land called my daughter-in-law to sign up for the land too, “he said.

But the street woman asked to see her letters of recommendation or job cards.

“When registering, which they did in exercise books, they asked for detailed details that I found suspicious. When asked to hand over the ID number, copies of the title deeds and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN sounded like a suspicious drive to the Collecting data, “says Ms. Njambi.

“The mistake I made was calling our area manager while they were watching. When I finished the call, they were nowhere to be seen on our premises. “

William Nyutu, 81, received such a group at his home in Kaharati, Kigumo subdistrict.

He was told that the UK is releasing money to compensate Mau Mau heroes and the amount charged to reach each of the registered people was Sh5.6 million.

In 2013 the UK government gave Sh 2.2 billion. free to compensate earned Mau Mau fighters, and 5,228 members benefited.

“I paid the requested registration fee of Sh5,000. It was a good bet and should the pessimism you are now creating on this deal prove wrong, it is a small price to pay to add those millions.” reach.” he said Nation.Africa.

However, Central Region Commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga said reports on the group had been submitted to authorities.

Stupid trick

“We have heard from these people and I want to inform the public that we do not have a presidential program in this region to reward people with money or land. There is no official program of this kind,” he said.

If there were such a program, it would be coordinated by the administrative officials of the national government and registration would be free.

“The President wouldn’t ask Sh3,000 to help you. This is a stupid trick used by scammers and they should be arrested wherever they are seen, ”he said.

Mr Nyagwanga’s position rhymes with that of his Rift Valley counterpart, George Natembeya, of the Nation.Africa said that “no 50,000 acres will be divided to reward Mau Mau veterans and their children”.

“The pruning of 50,000 acres for such a trip is a big event and normally I would know about it. We don’t even have spaces waiting to be distributed to the people. We’re talking about a group of thugs walking around. “Rural areas cheating people,” said Natembeya.

“Do not pay these characters any money or give them your details. The government does not do this kind of business and the vulnerability of many victims in such systems is based on the greed to gain unusual advantage. How can you fall into the trap of that said will there be two Sh8,000 worth of acres in this country? “

Lands chief secretary Nicholas Muraguri also dismissed the plan as a forgery.

“I would prefer you get your facts right first. You speak of a government that is distributing more than 50,000 acres of land to some individuals who are registered outside the system of government. In essence, you are alluding to a very misinformed conspiracy that the government is selling public shares for land allocation. The government is not a ranching company, “he said.

Career Administrator Joseph Kaguthi also told Nation.Africa that he witnessed the cheating game progressing in Nyandarua County.