Why the so-called “Deep State” in Kenya is a fallacy

The idiom comes from modern Turkey. [Courtesy] Kenya‘s professional civil service and uniformed police (and military) are formidable obstacles to mass clientelism. The “unelected bureaucrats” ensure that the elected leadership carries out the will of the people democratically and according to rules. And to make sure they don’t take power …

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Return of the rally: Kenya

Nineteen years later, one of the crown jewels of the FIA ​​World Rally Championship is back in business as Nairobi and Naivasha host an undoubtedly adrenaline-fueled African adventure. The old safari has evolved to match the modern WRC, of ​​course, but its character remains on the menu for 2021 with …

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Fintech Layer cooperates with UBA for digital banking in Kenya

Layer is a digital transformation platform that enables large financial institutions to improve their digital customer and back office experiences. Through this new partnership, the company will add an additional 18 million users to its platform in 25 different countries. By working with Layer, the financial conglomerate will be able …

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