Commission partner Gombe govt on diversification

Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission has partnered with the Gombe State Government to ensure improved revenue generation through economic diversification.

On Tuesday, during a three-day advocacy workshop on economic diversification and improved revenue generation, Gombe State Deputy Governor Manassah Jatau described the workshop’s focus on “Economic Diversification and Revenue Generation” as appropriate, relevant and inevitable taking generation to the next level .’

In his opinion, it would serve as a trumpet call and a challenge to the entire nation and especially those in the Northeast Zone.

He said: “My assertion is based on the numerous challenges that we are witnessing.”

Jatau listed the challenges to be considered; Steady decline in accruing revenue on the Federation account which has been the mainstay of most states in Nigeria, unpredictable, unreliable and great instability of events which greatly impacted nations’ reliance on hydrocarbon revenue, now vulnerable to the impulses of the International are marketed politics and health threats, as was the case with Covid-19, and the discovery of oil almost everywhere in the world.

Other challenges he cited were ongoing inventions aimed at replacing oil and other green energy sources, as in the case of Alhaji Hadi Usman, a Gombe citizen, who invented a stove that uses water.

The lieutenant governor bemoaned the unjustified neglect of agriculture, which had previously been the largest source of income and had been used for the country’s economic growth, which was used for oil production.

He expressed his delight at trying to diversify the economy, noting that the attempt would return Nigeria to its export of important agricultural commodities such as cassava, cotton, hides and skins, peanuts, cocoa and palm oil, etc.

“Having traveled quite a bit around the world and having extensive knowledge of the Northeast, any of the six states can be a country and survive if forced to. While Taraba, like Kenya, can live on tea and tourism, Borno can feed Africa on wheat, based on the concept of the Chad Basin Development Authority. The state of Adamawa can survive on animal husbandry, which will translate into dairy, meat production, tanning and even the production of leather and leather products such as shoes, belts, bags, etc.”

“Yobe and Bauchi also have their potential. It is interesting to know that Singapore is not as big as my Balanga Local Government Area which is 1626 square meters. Gombe in particular was known for producing various agricultural products, with the high quality of cotton, hence the establishment of British Cotton Growing Areas Ginneries in Kumo and the town of Gombe,” added Jatau.

Earlier, the chair of the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission, Elias Mbam, explained that the commission was formed with a mandate to allocate and distribute revenue among federal, state and local governments.

He went on to explain that the commission also has a mandate to advise on improving revenue streams, hence the advocacy workshop on diversifying the economy, especially in the face of dwindling oil assets.

He appreciated the government and people of Gombe involved in the program and for the warm welcome they were given.

The federal commissioner representing Gombe, the Honorable Mohammed Kukandaka, said at the acceptance ceremony that the advocacy group underscores the need for diversification to explore the country’s abundant natural resources.

He commended Governor Muhammadu Yahaya and his deputy for the political will to diversify the economy.

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