DHL Global Forwarding opens new transit warehouse in Mombasa

DHL Global Forwarding (DGF), a provider specializing in international air, sea and road freight, has opened a new transit warehouse in Mombasa, Kenya. The new 7,500 square meter (m²) warehouse is designed to support DGF’s regional distribution network in Kenya.

Strategically located between the Port of Mombasa and DGF’s regional facilities, the new warehouse will provide cost-effective transit warehousing and distribution services to Uganda, Burundi, Congo, Rwanda and Sudan to help accelerate the region’s intracontinental trade environment.

The key sectors to capitalize on this transit camp will be Aid & Relief, Oil & Gas, and Bulk. According to Statista, many countries in East Africa are considered “chronically vulnerable” and suffer from malnutrition, preventable diseases and food insecurity. DGF’s new warehouse will bring goods closer to the end consumer and provide multimodal transportation options for last mile delivery to affected areas. This should certainly help support this socio-economic disparity by improving the region’s logistical capabilities.

The warehouse provides technology solutions for fast services in receiving and shipping goods to be able to respond more quickly to regional demand. The facility is equipped with warehousing technology solutions and market expertise to handle the complex activities that require flexible transportation of oil and gas in the region. The warehouse will also facilitate the just-in-time concept for bulk importers in the region with customized delivery solutions utilizing Kenya’s high quality resources and systems and will have significant economic impact in the region.

Commenting on the impact the camp will have on the region, Pramod Bagalwadi, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding Sub-Saharan Africa said:

“We are constantly looking for solutions for our valued customers and we firmly believe that the above Transit Warehouse will facilitate the movement of regional goods at optimal cost and efficiency using our global platforms throughout East Africa. We will continue to support efforts to simplify logistics operations and accelerate intra-African trade.”

DGF has set up several strategically located camps across Sub-Saharan Africa. The new facility in Kenya will seek to further enhance the East African ecosystem and expand international integration by facilitating seamless trade in the region.

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