Family asks for help as HSE recruit is missing after graduation

A family in Mombasa seeks help after their loved ones went missing days after graduating from General Service Unit (GSU) Training School.

According to the information, the graduate identified as Mohammed Daud went missing immediately after leaving the GSU Embakasi camp in Nairobi.

The desperate family found that the new graduate reached out to them and let them know he was visiting a relative who lived in Eastleigh before traveling home the next day.

Screenshot of the missing HSE officer who disappeared at Embakasi Camp after graduating

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Five days after he called, Mohammed has still not arrived home or been seen. The officer should go home for a two-week break before reporting to the training camp.

The 23-year-old has left his family worried about forcing them to ask the national government, in partnership with the National Police Service, to track him down.

Reports from the HSE camp in Embakasi show that Mohammed did indeed leave the camp after graduation, which was led by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

His mother stated in the appeal to the government that she must be informed whether his son is still alive or not in order to end the suffering and the mysterious disappearance.

“I’m just begging the national government to help me, I’m not in a position to help myself at the moment. Just help me find my son. If he’s still alive, tell me, or if he is.” not anymore, ”she pleaded.

Mohammed left his home in Barsheba, Mombasa County for HSE training on February 27, promising to change his family’s life.

His brother remembered his last message before leaving for training when he asked the family to pray for him.

“He said when I come back from this training you will all be happy. So you should all pray for the highest so that I can finish my training in peace, then I will bring hope to this whole family.”

When he graduated on December 8th, the family’s hopes and joy were high, only to collapse like a house of cards after reports of his disappearance.

It does so as police continue to investigate a case where HSE officers recorded themselves with reckless allegations.

The officers in question, who were freshly graduated, have been kept at the training facility ever since, even if the investigation continues into how and why they entered the police force.

General Service Unit officers after graduation on Wednesday, December 8, 2021

General Service Unit Officers upon graduation on Wednesday, December 8, 2021


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