German citizen arrested in Kenya for terrorist links

A German citizen has been arrested in Kenya on charges of financing terrorist activities.

Hans-Dieter Wilhelm Schwing, the main suspect of an alleged threat of terrorism in Mombasa, was arrested by the anti-terror police in the coastal city on Monday and brought to court on Tuesday.

His arrest came after a secret service report that he had facilitated illegal entry for foreigners.

According to an affidavit filed by the prosecution in court, he allegedly financed terrorism through companies of which he is a director.

“The ATPU received information that Mr. Schwing has facilitated illegal access to the country for foreigners, some of whom are believed to be involved in terrorist activities, and helped them achieve legal status,” said Public Prosecutor Nyawinda Oyugi.

Court documents show that Schwing is the director of Scout Logic, a company organized as a travel agency to make it easier for European citizens to access Kenya for undisclosed deals.

He is also said to be the director of You Drive, a company packaged as a driving school whose job it is to help Europeans get driving licenses in Kenya by subcontracting established driving schools for a fee.

“Investigations have shown that the defendant works in a sophisticated syndicate with its employees based in Kenya and Europe,” Oyugi noted.

Oyugi told senior Mombasa judge Rita Amwayi that the foreigner is believed to be supporting a secret terrorist organization.

The court gave the police two days to complete the investigation and ordered the suspect to be brought to court on Thursday.

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