How to Apply for Mombasa County Business Permit (and Other Services) and Pay with T-Kash. from Telekom Kenya


You’ve heard? With the mobile money solution T-Kash. Telecom Kenya can now pay for various government services at both national and county levels.

For residents of the Mombasa District and other individuals and entities looking to settle in the Coastal District, here’s what to do and use this new payment option to pay the fees:

1. Go to the eCitizen portal and log in with your access data. If you have never signed up for eCitizen, simply click on “Create an account” and you will be guided through the necessary steps. All you need is your mobile phone and your identity card (ID).

Note: If you recently replaced your ID card, in case your serial number is not logged, use the serial number from the old ID card as it may take a while for the new card details to be captured and updated on the portal and the whole point of using it is that instant services are offered.

2. Navigate to and click the link below to the Mombasa County Government eServices microsite (at the time of this writing).

3. To apply for a single business license, click Add Company to add details about your company for the first time. If you have previously used the eCitizen portal to access Mombasa County Government services, the same details should be available and you can access these services or opt to renew by clicking on the appropriate tab above and then stepping. continue 5.

Note: For those applying for liquor and outdoor advertising licenses, select these options here instead of “Add Business”. Simply click on “My Services” above and select the relevant service in the next window.

4. Fill in all the necessary information as indicated in the next online form.

5. When prompted at checkout to select the payment method, select Telekom T-Kash, follow the payment instructions on the screen and complete the payment once the transaction is complete.


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