Humble Lakeside Umoja in Kisumu takes first win of the season

Lakeside’s Brandon Lee in action against Strathmore Blades during the KBF Men League game at Nyayo National Gym on September 3, 2022. (Kelly Ayodi, Standard)

Shooting guard Brandon Ochieng recorded a game-high 14 points and seven assists to inspire Lakeside to their first win of the 2022 season after defeating Umoja 57-41 in a Kenya Basketball Association Premier League game on Saturday at Magadi Primary School in Manyatta , Kisumu, humbled .

Lakeside went into the game with a disappointing eight straight losses and needed the win to end the season on the right track, while Umoja, who had two wins and six losses, was aiming for a third win.

The Kisumu side dominated the home environment from start to finish, with striker David Simeon opening the game with three consecutive layups to give the hosts a perfect start.

Though Umoja captain Tony Okol responded with two jump shots that closed the gap to two points, Dennis Wekesa put Lakeside ahead early and made his first four shots, including three three-pointers.

Sila Awuor and Brandon Ochieng joined the party as Lakeside led 21-9 in the first quarter.

With Lakeside hot from the three-point arc, Ochieng would drop two more three-pointers for a weak second quarter that ended 6-6, but the hosts would enjoy a 12-point lead as the Results were 27-15.

In the second half, Simeon and Ochieng dropped five and four points, respectively, before Wekesa added a jump shot for an 11-4 third-quarter win that increased Lakeside’s lead to 38-19.

Onjiko Boy High School forward Byron Onyango, who has represented the Nyanza region at the Kenya National Secondary School games in Nakuru, was featured to end the game, which he finished with eight points from the bench as Lakeside was 57 :41 won.

“Today was our day because we had made it our goal to drive for victory. The boys showed up and gave it their all after being pinned to the wall with eight losses. Despite our financial and organizational challenges, this win is for all players who believe in it,” said Lakeside captain Sila Awuor.

Umoja team manager Steve Kuta, on the other hand, lamented a poor start to the game and a long road to defeat.

“We started the game badly and allowed them to get easy baskets, but we don’t give up, especially when we have a game against Eldonets on Sunday. It opened our eyes to being ready every time. The season is far from over and we will compete,” Kuta said after the game.

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