“I feel like I could play a big role in the Raiders offensive”


The Las Vegas Raiders have signed running back Kenyan Drake to offer versatility alongside Josh Jacobs in the backcourt.

While Jacobs will remain the workhorse Drake told SiriusXM NFL Radio that he expects to play a significant role in the crime.

“I’m definitely excited to see how our roles will evolve, with Josh obviously being the most important man who does what he has to do because I have a lot of respect and love for him and his game and what coach (Jon) Gruden planned. ” us in that specific role, “said Drake.” But I have a feeling that I could play a big role in this offensive. Since they were a top 10 offensive last year, we have no limits. I am ready to take us to the next level. “

Drake could be used more as a receiver than last year in Arizona when Kliff Kingsbury put him on as an early down runner. It’s possible Gruden could bring Drake in sets of two with Jacobs or split the newbie further this season.

While in Miami for three and a half years, Drake played with QBs “Ryan Tannehill”, Matt Moore, Jay Cutler, Brock Osweiler, “Ryan Fitzpatrick” and “Josh Rosen”. In Arizona he played alongside Kyler Murray for a year and a half.

Drake boasted that Derek Carr’s extensive knowledge of the system gave the Raiders’ attack an advantage.

“He’s just very cerebral,” Drake said of Carr. “Like I said, it doesn’t take anything away from the guys I’ve played with. But he has the ability to be the OK or the coach on the field. Obviously, that’s what you are looking for in a quarterback in general But since he’s the longest-standing raider and he has the kind of connection he has with Gruden, it’s kind of crazy. It’s almost like we’re in meetings, literally every question Gruden asks him , is like second nature to him. He just has the ability to spit out anything Gruden wants him to do. Gruden always really touts that he gives Carr the opportunity to play two or three games deep in the game when there is a look on the field to get the best game that will help us succeed. “

Drake believes the QB’s knowledge and skills, along with the playmakers from the backfield and receiver and tight end, should make the Raiders one of the NFL’s best offensives this season.

“I feel like I went to see last year’s movie and have a better idea of ​​how the offensive went …” he said. “I see that some of those moves may not look the best for the particular game you mentioned first. He has a great flair for getting to the game that the offense has to succeed. Like I said, I added a few more guns, Willie Snead, John Brown, I just feel like this offense, like I said, is definitely for great things. “

The Raiders offense wasn’t the topic last season. It was a Swiss cheese defense that kept Vegas from taking a step towards the postseason.


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