I’m not a pushover, Mudavadi warns rivals in the 2022 survey

Musalia Mudavadi, party leader of the Amani National Congress, in the AIPCK Church in Githunguri, Kiambu County.[Edward Kiplimo, Standard]

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi says his 2022 presidential search is unstoppable.

The former vice president said he was ready to face other hopes, including deputy president William Ruto and ODM boss Raila Odinga.

“My presidential bid is not going backwards. I have experience and my party’s ticket to fight for the presidency. Everything else is out of my hands. We have supported others in previous elections and it is time to command the ship, ”said Mudavadi.

In an interview with Inooro FM, the ANC leader said he would not support any of the leaders for the top seat. Mudavadi said he had served in government and had experience from several ministerial posts that would help him form a competent government if he wins.

He said he could pick a runner-up from the Mt. Kenya region because, in addition to a rich political history, the region also has politically experienced people who cannot be ignored in the 2022 succession matrix.

“I will continue to convince them to support my offer, as there is no strong presidential candidate from Mt. Kenya this time,” said Mudavadi.

He urged Kenyans to choose leaders of integrity and said it was time to choose leaders based on ideals and values, not tribes.

“What’s the face behind the name of the leader you want to elect as your president? Is he angry, a thief, or corrupt? If you choose an angry leader, he will be distracted by anger and could hurt citizens, ”he said.

In response to a call from Nandi Governor Stephen Sang to support Ruto and not Raila, Mudavadi said the two political leaders were part of the anniversary government and had failed to address economic grievances.

“Ruto has been in this government for nine years and has participated in formulating a policy that has worked against the people. What new will he do to make the economy work that he didn’t? Kenyans don’t need economic models, they need realistic solutions and answers, ”he said.

He added: “Raila entered government three years ago with a handshake. Despite the cooling of political temperatures, he did not help the president shape the economy, in fact the economy suffered more. So what new is he going to do? ”

At the same time, Mudavadi urged the vice-president to resign if he felt that his relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta had deteriorated.

“We are amazed at the disrespect of the office of the DP and its allies towards the president and his office,” said Mudavadi.

“Let him step down and then comfortably criticize the presidency, but as it is now, he should accept credit where it is due and admit failure of a government of which he is a principal. He can’t have his cake and eat it. ”

Separately, the ANC leader urged the government to fund the electoral body in order to carry out his mandate effectively. He said the Independent Electoral and Borders Commission was a key player in the electoral process. “We need to make sure that the Electoral Commission is well funded in order to hold free, fair and credible elections.


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