Investing in Africa – How to Become a Kenya Travel Agent

As any seasoned tourist will tell you, the best Kenya safaris result from careful planning and collaboration between a Kenyan travel agent and their client. Recently, there is an increased demand for more tourism products and a significant number of entrepreneurs are therefore considering the industry as a haven for investment.

This tourism growth has been fueled in part by a burgeoning local middle class and their appetites Luxury and Mid Luxury Kenya Holidays. The new market is a welcome addition to the traditional international arrivals who flock to a country revered around the world for its world-class safari experiences.

Considering the above, what to know beforehand Foundation of a Kenya travel agency? In this article, we discuss the most important elements that you need to consider when looking into travel and tours in Kenya.

1. Choose a niche

Kenya is a melting pot of different attractions and cultures. As such, various travel packages result.

Therefore, in order to position yourself as one of the best travel agents in Kenya, you need to identify a niche market. This clarifies your focus and helps you deliver the best Kenya vacation experiences in this niche.

The most prominent types of tourism in Kenya are wildlife and beach tourism, sports tourism, adventure tours, and cultural and heritage tours.

However, there are also lesser-known segments, including agro-tourism, business tourism and eco-tourism.

When choosing a niche, you can narrow your options by the geographic location you want to operate in. That depends on the attractions you want to cover.

Alternatively, you can choose a niche based on who your target market is and what type of safaris you offer them. Here you decide whether it should be a budget safari, luxury safari or mid-luxury safari.

2. Choose your business partners

The other crucial consideration is who your business partners will be.

Based on your niche market, which hotels operate in the location you want to cover? Are there local professional guides that you can hire? Who are the most reliable ticket agents?

Building a good working relationship with other industry players is crucial as companies are highly symbiotic ventures.

It is therefore advisable to know what types of galleries, parks, museums and reserves are present in your proposed area of ​​activity and what the admission requirements are.

An excellent travel company in Kenya is able to offer the ultimate Kenya vacation seamlessly by combining the best that all these different players have to offer.

In other words, the client should be able to remember the experience. With most unforgettable safari excursionsCustomers might not even be able to tell who did what – only that the whole experience was exciting.

This is the power of the best travel agents in Kenya – they take input from all industry players and weave it into a single cohesive product.

3. Logistics

As we will see below, one of the requirements for registering a travel company in Kenya is a registered place of business or office.

The office must be equipped with the appropriate staff and material resources. This includes furniture, computers, etc.

As tourism is a travel-intensive affair, you also need to consider how your company intends to meet its customers’ transportation needs.

Typically, the best travel agencies in Kenya are the ones that offer their clients reliable and suitable domestic transportation throughout their Kenya vacation.

For road trips, the company offers comfortable safari vans and 4X4 land cruisers suitable for the terrain visitors will be treading on.

These companies also take care of the traveler’s airport transfer and domestic ticket issuance when domestic flights are required.

4. Registration Requirements

Now for the most formal part of the whole planning process; registering your business.

In order for it to function legally, a Kenyan travel and tour company must be properly incorporated as per the law. Incorporation is the process of registering the company with the Commercial Register.

In order to incorporate the company, you need the following documents:

  • The articles of association of the company
  • The Articles of Association
  • Copy of the lease agreement where your offices are located (if rented)
  • Copy of the company’s KRA PIN certificate
  • List of directors, copies of their KRA PIN certificates and ID cards/passports.
  • Evidence that the company manager is certified by IATA (International Air Travel Association). This applies to travel companies in Kenya who intend to sell airline tickets.

A lawyer could help you with this.

When founding, the company must also obtain the trade licenses required in its field of activity. This includes licensing by the tourism regulator and obtaining licenses and permits from the county government.

5. Marketing Strategy

Last but not least, you need to consider your company’s branding and marketing.

What does your brand stand for and which marketing strategies are best suited for this?

In order to offer the best safaris in Kenya, your brand needs to be aware of the needs of its customers and keep abreast of their interests.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to have an online social media presence that allows your employees to constantly connect with your customers.

Also pay attention come up with attractive and lucrative packages that appeals to your market segment. Likewise, you could consider price fluctuations within your niche; so you have different products for different types of customers in your market.

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