Kenya-based Belgian TikTok star deported for drug trafficking

A Belgian TikTok celebrity who has been living in Kenya was deported last month to face drug trafficking charges in Belgium.

Frank De Tank, who runs a TikTok account with over 1 million followers under the name “Frank Murugi”, is said to be part of a syndicate that smuggled 1.5 tons of cocaine into Belgium between 2015 and 2016.

Reports in Belgium claim the 42-year-old former bouncer worked with ex-dock worker John R. to smuggle the cocaine through the port of Antwerp and sell it to customers from Dubai and Albania.

Tank is said to have made around 3.5 million euros (Sh452 million) from his involvement in drug activities and his lavish lifestyle is testament to that, according to Belgian police officials.

On Thursday, Tank was charged in a court in Antwerp along with 24 other suspects charged with removing seven shipments of cocaine from the port of Antwerp.

In 2017 he was arrested by Belgian police after his lavish lifestyle raised suspicions as he constantly switched his supercar from Ferrari to Porsche to Lamborghini.

Tank, who is also a bodybuilder, still lives a lavish lifestyle and is often seen throwing money around in his TikTok videos.

He has two children, a son and a daughter, with his former Belgian wife and has been married to a 22-year-old Kenyan woman for five years.

Tank is believed to have moved to Kenya for beef with underworld drug criminals who put his name on a death list.

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