Kenya ends the rotating chairmanship of the UN Security Council


A face-to-face meeting at the United Nations Security Council is underway.

Kenya has ended its presidency of the United Nations Security Council for October 2021.

In a month that has proven to be an historic and momentous month for the country’s foreign policy and diplomacy, Nairobi said its presidency has provided Kenya with an important platform for promoting the country’s foreign policy goals, as well as contributing to a safer, safer and more secure and safe haven prosperous Africa.

Kenya assumed the rotating chairmanship of the UN Security Council on October 1, which was described as a turning point in the country’s two-year tenure on the Security Council.

This results from the fact that the UN Security Council is the most important body for the maintenance and promotion of world peace and security.

Mexico now takes over the presidency for the month of November and hands it over to Niger for the month of December.

In a statement on Sunday, Foreign Minister Raychelle Omamo said it was remembered that Kenya’s membership of the UN Security Council was in line with the country’s desire to shape the global security environment to make Kenya and Kenyans safer.

“The conduct, results and achievements of the Kenyan Council Presidency in October 2021 were not only in line with the country’s strategic security goals, but were also of crucial importance to the Council and the Kenyan and African ethos in addressing global security challenges to impress, ”said Omamo.

Kenya facilitated the adoption of two statements by the President’s Security Council, which will henceforth be part of the Council’s official documentation and records.

These PRSTs were adopted after high-level open debates by the Security Council, chaired by the country’s leadership.

On October 28, 2021, President Uhuru Kenyatta chaired a high-level open debate of the Council on cooperation between the United Nations and regional and subregional organizations (African Union) under the theme “Renewing Solidarity for Successful Implementation”. Peace and Security in a Changing Conflict Environment ”.

On October 20, Omamo hosted an open ministerial debate on the Great Lakes region.

This supported the renewed commitment of the Great Lakes countries in the search for sustainable solutions to the causes and driving forces of conflicts.

In the debate, Nairobi appealed to the United Nations Security Council to act swiftly and take action against the illegal exploitation and trade in natural resources in countries in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Omamo said it was worth noting that Kenya chaired the opening of the Security Council chambers to the personal participation of broader UN members in the deliberations of the Covid19 pandemic council.

She later led a personal open ministerial debate on women and peace and security, which was attended by more than 60 delegations.

During the debate, Kenya called for women to be included in conflict resolution.

Kenya said there was a need to raise and amplify women’s voices to enhance their contribution to conflict prevention and peacemaking.

“Kenya’s Presidency has similarly helped revitalize and reinvigorate discussions on the Middle East, particularly the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” she said.

At the meeting, Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau urged the council to break with previous models that had been used to address the conflicts in the Middle East.

In the search for innovative answers to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the PS offered to take over the diverse, well-defined basic channels in the cultural context.

Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Amb Martin Kimani, led the Security Council on a field visit to the African Sahel, during which the Council called on the leadership of Mali and Niger.

“This visit was both historic and significant as it enabled the Council to assess and learn about the challenges of terrorism in the Sahel and its impact on governance and stability in the region. This visit to the Sahel was also the Council’s first such visit during the Covid era, ”she said.


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