Kenya has its full reopening in December [Business Africa]


Kenya‘s economy contracted 0.3% in 2020, according to the Bureau of Statistics. In addition to youth unemployment, Kenya’s economy is disrupted by restrictive measures due to Covid19. With us at Bungoma Dr. Catherine Laura Mamuli, Lecturer at Kibakii, University, Bungoma, Kenya.

83% of the jobs recorded were in the informal sector during this time of the pandemic crisis. In Nairobi, our correspondent Ronald Agak met the head of Jua Kali, a company that employs young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Nigeria’s food production at risk of insecurity

The state of Benue in Nigeria produces the staple foods consumed across the country. But in recent years the region has not been able to meet the increasing demand. In addition, the government-imposed closure of borders to combat smuggling and improve food self-sufficiency has pushed prices up. To support these farmers, the Central Bank of Nigeria has released $ 1.92 billion.

Senegalese condemn high raw material prices

In Senegal, the import tax on refined sugar was suspended until October 15. The aim of this measure is to defuse the economic crisis after the health crisis. In the markets, the measure surprised traders as they had already stocked up and are now being forced to lower their prices.


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