Kenya: Hassan Joho Kin Mohammed Amir gives ODM to Rutos Uda. away

Vice President William Ruto won a major political victory after a member of the powerful Joho family joined the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

Governor Hassan Ali Joho’s cousin, Mr Mohammed Amir, joined the UDA yesterday as he plans to fight for the Senate seat in Mombasa on the party’s ticket in the 2022 general election.

It is a significant victory for the DP in a region that has stuck to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for the past three election cycles, given the family’s financial strength and influence in local politics.

While Mr Amir’s move could lead to divisions in the family, the jury has not yet decided whether it will tip the balance in favor of Dr. Ruto will give.

Received in UDA by former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar, Mr Amir slammed his cousin’s administration, saying that Governor Joho had failed to lift the people of Mombasa out of poverty.

“He has received funding from the national government, but there is nothing to show for it. As a leader, you need to find a mechanism to help your people. Give us a solution, you have the resources, ”he said.

Mr. Amir mentioned the challenges of water in Mombasa, where slum dwellers depend on donations.

“We now have Dr. Ruto, who will implement this vision for the people. There were ways to help, but they failed. If you look at Bangladesh, the people are struggling because of water shortages, but we have leaders who have been in power for many years, ”he said. “I hope that the voters will answer my call and give me a chance. If we want to change Mombasa, we have to support the DP, we have suffered enough.”

He said the national government pumped a lot of money into the decentralized unit, but the funds had not been used for their intended purposes.

“I will work for people because I have a different vision than my family. I did not participate in party politics. We are in a democratic country, we can have siblings who put their opinions aside, ”said Amir. and added that he was a strong believer in the bottom-up economic model.

“Family will always be family and politics will always be politics. I do what I think is right. There is a need for change. I am ready for any challenge. Politics is dirty,” he added.

He continued, “My goal is to help people. In my view, UDA has the right vision and agenda for Wananchi. You look at people from below and not the other way around. Dr. Ruto is the only candidate who cares about the Kenyans. “

Mr. Amir quickly stated that membership in different political parties does not mean that he is now enemies with Mr. Joho, noting that “there are other families with brothers in different political parties, such as the Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetang’ula and Westlands MP, Tim Wanyonyi (ODM) “.

In 2018, Mr. Amir worked in the administration of his Mr. Joho and headed the district inspection.

“We have no ill will, resentment, or hatred of the governor or his family. We will evaluate each independently. People should not equate differences in politics with hatred and personal differences towards his family, “said Mr. Omar.

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