Kenya pushed to work with Mauritius to bolster economic growth

NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct. 13 – Kenya has been urged to work with Mauritius to achieve solid economic growth that is both inclusive and sustainable.

Industry players have noted various similarities between Mauritius and Kenya, which provides more reasons why collaborations are needed to enhance growth between the two nations.

According to David Osiany, Chief Administrative Secretary, Department of Industry, Trade and Enterprise Development, Kenya and Mauritius share trade, COMESA signatories and Africa’s Continental Free Trade Agreement.

“We came to have talks about how to use our potential and work for good between Kenya and Mauritius,” he said.

“Mauritius is the number one business index in Africa, while Kenya is third. It will then tell you how much more we can achieve on a continent of more than 55 countries.”

Hemraj Ramnial, the Chair of the Economic Development Board of Mauritius, said during a speech at the Mauritius-Kenya Investment Trade Forum that working with the Kenyan government will be more effective in removing obstacles, making connections and creating the necessary synergies for the Best between the two nations.

“I encourage you to think about the gaps in the industry, the opportunities presented by technology and new expertise, the poles of growth, but more importantly, the low-hanging fruit that we can capture through meaningful projects now or in the near term,” he said.

Ramnial said that the current state of the world economy should prompt all governments, policymakers and decision-makers to quickly respond to an urgent call and advance the development agenda in favor of intelligent and sustainable economic diversification, transformation and strengthening of industries to be more competitive and risks through the formation of strong regional economic alliances.

He added that the chance will give Mauritius the opportunity to source inputs from Kenya and the surrounding area, which would lead to Kenyan economic growth.

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It will also allow Mauritius to link up with incentive programs from both the Kenyan and Mauritian sides, which will improve operations and financial viability.

“It will also rely on human resources, talent, network and edge, market co-product development and branding, and offer intelligent distribution of channels, starting with 5 selected products of Mauritius (sugar, rum and beverage, clothing, furniture, food, etc. ),” he said.

The Government of Mauritius, through the Economic Development Board (EDB), has pledged full support to Kenya to make the projects and initiatives a success.

Kenya and Mauritius enjoy friendly trade relations thanks to the establishment of the Joint Commission Council, whose aim is to increase trade between the two nations.

In 2021, the two nations achieved a combined trade worth US$69.46 million (Shh8.4 billion), with Mauritius benefiting from the trade balance.

In the banking and sugar industries, Mauritius invests the most in Kenya among the leading African nations.

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