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Kenya‘s people face numerous challenges, including a low level of education, early marriage, deforestation and the fact that a third of the population lives in poverty. In addition, climate change is leading to more frequent and longer-lasting droughts.

Could theater help people address these complex problems? The NGO SAFE Kenya brings actors and education experts to local villages to hear people’s problems and use their stories as inspiration for developing a play.

Long-lasting droughts make cattle breeding increasingly difficult

Villagers can use the stage to explore possible solutions to real problems and possibly apply them to their own lives. We accompanied a family for several weeks in their commitment to the project.

Project: SAFE Pwani; Small Grants Program of the International Climate Initiative (IKI)

Project goal: The IKI Small Grants program is carried out by the German development aid company GIZ and supports charitable projects and initiatives in its four funding areas: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, adapting to climate change, maintaining carbon sinks and reducing emissions from deforestation, as well as preserving biodiversity

Project duration: Expires in 2025

Project financing: Up to € 200,000 (USD 225,366) per single project

A film by Tabea Mergenthaler


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