Kenya uses mobile app to monitor the distribution of health supplies

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Kenya is working with the private sector to introduce the use of a mobile application that will monitor the distribution of health supplies such as medicines across the country, a government official said Wednesday.

Salim Ali Hussein, deputy director of medical services at the Ministry of Health, told journalists in Nairobi that the mobile application will be integrated with the Kenyan health information system to ensure real-time monitoring of vital medicines in all health facilities.

“The mobile application will play a role in reducing the inventory of life-saving goods used in community-based health programs,” said Hussein.

According to the Ministry of Health, community health workers can provide data to enable needs-based health care supplies based on accurate forecasts.

Hussein said the mobile application was designed to interact with either feature phones or smartphones.

He found that the mobile application can also be used in remote areas, as users with a feature phone or without internet access can transmit logistics data free of charge.

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