Kenyan HC visits RCCI and urges to improve bilateral trade


Rawalpindi: Kenya is a gateway for Pakistani investors to enter the large market of 38 African states surrounded by Kenya with the international seaport of Mombasa. Kenya will fully support Pakistani investors in exploring potential investment and trade areas in various fields including tourism, agriculture, IT, mining and machinery.

Kenyan High Commissioner Mary Nyambura Kamau expressed those views during her visit to the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) here on Wednesday. Boru Diba Roba, commercial attaché, also accompanied them during the visit.

RCCI President Nadeem Rauf, Senior Vice President Asim Malik, Vice President Tallat Awan and newly elected officers Saqib Rafiq and Hamza Sarosh were also present on the occasion.

She advised the Rawalpindi business and industrial community to focus on diversifying their exports to Kenya to improve existing trade volumes between the two countries. She said rice and tea are two main commodities traditionally traded between the two countries, but there are many other Pakistani products that could be introduced not only to the Kenyan market but also to many other African nations through Kenya.

Earlier, Nadeem Rauf, President RCCI, gave a brief introduction to the Chamber’s current activities and future programs. The President of the Chamber informed the High Commissioner that under the Look Africa Policy, African countries, particularly Kenya, are considered important countries for promoting trade. In this context, the Rawalpindi Chamber organized the Business Africa Forum.

The Chamber will bring a trade delegation to Kenya and will explore the possibility of holding a Business Opportunities Conference there, he added. He called for the introduction of direct flights between the two countries. There is a need to increase cooperation in non-traditional sectors, especially in pharmaceuticals, IT, education, food machinery, handicrafts and sporting goods, he said.

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