New Halo Infinite multiplayer maps and weapons revealed


After showing it off at Xbox & Bethesda during the E3 showcase, the new content is coming Halo infinite‘s multiplayer was described in more detail in an article by developer 343 Industries Halo waypoint. The post strictly adheres to details about the game’s multiplayer, including details about the new maps, weapons, and vehicles that players can expect to see.

Only two weapons were revealed in the waypoint post: the spit and the VK78 commando. Both stylistically differ instantly from weapons in other Halo titles and appear darker and more realistic. The pike lives up to its name, apparently firing a large pointy rod to shoot through enemies. The weapon also has a rusted bayonet blade that ensures that enemies will eventually succumb to tetanus if they don’t tip over before the stab wound. The command, on the other hand, is a normal-looking assault rifle.

As for the maps, we’ve taken a decent look at what’s on the way. Behemoth, set on a halo ring, transports players to a tropical area full of sand, palm trees and massive precursor structures. The fragmentation takes place at a base called “Installation 07” and is filled with rocks to take cover behind or jump on to meet enemies.

Recharge and Live Fire are more industrial, with the former taking place in an old hydropower plant full of open spaces. The latter is a training course for Spartans, so expect an extremely balanced, if not symmetrical, map.

Finally there is Bazaar in Mombasa. We don’t see much of this map in the preview, so it’s hard to say how it will play out in the end.

The post on Waypoint also gave us a look at the vehicles that players can expect Halo infinite. Classics like Ghost, Chopper and Banshee are making their comeback, but in a new red-black-metallic design. A VTOL assault chopper called Wasp is also added, which has space for one player and carries two machine guns. Finally, the game gets an additional land vehicle with the Razorback, an offshoot of the Warthog that does without weapons for additional armor.

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