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Today I am discussing:

  • Global tech giants are committed to protecting women online
  • MTN Uganda works with TIP. together
  • Kenya plans to increase the cost of airtime and data

Global technology giants protect women and girls

What happened? At its Generation Equality Forum in Paris yesterday, July 1, 2020, the United Nations announced the public commitment of the world’s largest technology companies – Facebook, Google, TikTok and Twitter – to make their platforms safer for women.

Public engagement is to fight online abuse against women and promote gender equality by introducing new systems or improving existing ones to make reporting abuse easier.

InterestingThe World Wide Web Foundation launched the initiative more than a year ago to bring stakeholders together to solve the challenge.

According to Eve Kraicer, Policy Officer, Gender and Data Rights at the World Wide Web Foundation, brought together 120 experts from technology companies, civil societies, universities and governments in 35 countries to jointly develop solutions and prototypes to combat online abuse.

The basis tracks companies against their commitments and receives annual progress reports.

But the world interacts differently with the internet, doesn’t it? Kraicer assured that the developed solutions will take into account how women in different parts of the world use the Internet.

For context read here.

MTN Uganda is partnering with TIP to build 5G technology

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MTN Uganda has teamed up with members of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), a tech-driven community, to automate network preparation for 5G technology.

Why the partnership? MTN Uganda will use TIP’s Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) technology to build network capacity in 2,500 locations across Uganda. Because of this, the network will be able to switch from MTN to 5G with ease.

According to Al Monzer, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of MTN Uganda, DCSG technology provides a faster transportation network for all telecommunications traffic across networks, including phone calls, data, messages, mobile money and digital services.

What exactly does that mean? The CTO claims that DCSG technology could enable you to connect a phone call in a matter of milliseconds and enable cost-effective and efficient operation of a much larger end-to-end automated network.

Africa’s first? Uganda would supposedly be the first African country to adopt this technology. DCSG technology has been in use for some time in Europe and North America.

Remember it, in 2019 MTN Uganda launched a new initiative dedicated to developing 5G technology as part of an ongoing transformation of its business.

Similar? The Nigerian Senate approved plans for 5G deployment in the country in May 2021, despite controversy.

The telecommunications service provider Aviat Network will take over the administration the use of disaggregated Cell Site Gateway technology in Uganda by network operating software.

Kenya plans to increase the cost of airtime and data

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The Kenyan Parliamentary Committee has proposed additional taxes that will add to the cost of airtime and Internet data services.

The National Assembly’s Finance and National Planning Committee plans to have the tax officer searched Internet service providers and cellular companies for additional taxes, in accordance with the amendments to the 2021 Finance Act, which has been submitted for approval to the Legislative Council.

What does this mean for Kenyans? Kenyans should be prepared for internet charges to increase in the coming days if the committee approves the proposal. This change would increase the tax on telephone and Internet data service charges from 15% to 20%.

Why? Lately, more people have been online in Kenya than ever before. Taxing Kenyans will reportedly generate short-term revenue for the government, which is struggling to find ways to pay off more than $ 33 billion in debt ($ 3.6 trillion shredder).

What is surprising For example, Parliament cut betting taxes from 20% to 7.5% of the amount wagered or wagered on games of chance after proposing to increase taxes on internet services.

I believe This data is a lucrative cash cow for tax collectors as it enables them to raise large sums of money through various government services, including driver’s licenses, resulting in airtime costs.

Similar? 51 African countries have an excise tax on broadcasting fees. In 2020, Nigeria increased voice and SMS tariffs from 5% to 7.5% with the introduction of VAT.

Will the committee put the law into effect? Just as Nigeria passed the VAT law, I think Kenya will do the same. What do you think?

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