Personal Finance Bible Course for Christian School Students

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – ACSI and Ron Blue Institute are pleased to announce a new partnership designed to equip junior and senior high school students with a biblical foundation for financial management, empowering them to be wise stewards of their God-given resources.

The Personal Finance Bible Program is a six-week offering consisting of six modules that will train Christian students in basic financial literacy, including the four uses of money (live, give, owe and grow). Teachers will have access to an online portal providing lesson plans, project outlines, test and quiz questions, and additional materials.

“The most important thing we want every student to walk away with is an understanding of how they work their faith through their finances,” Ron Blue Institute President Michael Blue said.

The goal of this course is for students’ hearts and heads to “cross together so that they have the freedom in their checkbook to be free to pursue God and His mission in the world,” he explained.

Developed over a three-year period in collaboration with current high school teachers, this program brings to life the concepts of living on a budget, avoiding debt and making healthy savings.

Ron Blue, CEO of the Ron Blue Institute, believes it is imperative that individuals have the right perspective on finances. “We have proven that a biblical approach to the worldview of money and money management works,” he said. “We believe the relationship with ACSI is our first meaningful opportunity to enter the world of high school.”

ACSI President Dr. Larry Taylor predicts that this partnership will be critical for high school students as they prepare for college and life beyond high school.

“This is the first time ACSI has partnered to provide training specifically designed to equip students — those young adults — with a biblical understanding of finance,” Taylor said. “I’m excited to see the impact this course will have on the next generation.”

Both ministries believe in the initiative from a missionary perspective and see the course as a discipleship opportunity with the potential for significant impact.

“We believe that what God has given us is a simple message that is still relevant and easily replicable, so that we can show the world that the word of God speaks to finances,” said Ron Blue. “And, if he’s talking about finances, my thought is, isn’t he talking about the rest of our lives as well?”

This online course will be available to ACSI member schools at for the special rate of $27.50 per student, including teacher training materials at no additional cost.

To learn more about ACSI, please visit the website at or connect with the ACSI Care Team by calling (800) 367-0798 or [email protected]

About ACSI

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, ACSI exists to strengthen Christian schools and equip Christian educators around the world as they prepare students academically and inspire them to become devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. ACSI advances excellence in Christian schools by enhancing the professional and personal development of Christian educators and providing essential support functions to Christian schools through multiple services, including certification of teachers and administrators, accreditation of schools, legal/legislative assistance and publication of curricula. Serving more than 25,000 schools in 108 countries, ACSI helps more than 5.5 million students worldwide connect to Christian education. Follow ACSI on Facebook at or on Twitter at @ACSIUSA.

About the Ron Blue Institute

The Ron Blue Institute exists to help Christian students today understand how money really works to confidently integrate their faith into all areas of their lives, including finances. Through curriculum, guidance, tools, and resources, the Ron Blue Institute’s mission is to educate and mentor high school and college students. For more information about the ministry, visit or follow Ron Blue Institute on Facebook at or on Twitter at @RonBlueInst.

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