Post-Oscars, KICC is eyeing the Cannes Festival as it relies on incentives to market Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya, April 1 – The Kenya International Convention Center is using incentives to market the experience of delegates and Kenya as a whole, Nana Gecaga said, highlighting the convention’s recent attendance at the 94th Academy Awards, commonly known as the Oscars, held in Los Angeles.

The use of incentives is part of the Convention’s strategies to increase the use of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) and make Kenya an ideal travel and tourism destination.

During a media briefing held on Tuesday, Gecaga said the convention hopes to have a similar opportunity at the Cannes Film Festival, scheduled for May 17, and seize the opportunity to further innovate to market the country, destination and venue. by communicating it to the delegate experience to potential customers, mainly in the entertainment field.

KICC caught an opportunity at the Oscars’ Dubois Pelin and Associates (DPA) gift suite, which offered him the opportunity to hire various actors, actresses, producers, directors, media professionals and influencers such as Viola Davis, Joni and Kirk Bovill, Daniele Lawson , Laura Goodwin among others.

Most celebrities were nominated for the Oscars.

DPA is the world’s leading global brand execution platform.

“These engagements are strategic in the new innovative marketing campaign that KICC is venturing into. With the various products gifted to the various guests, the media interviews and one-on-ones, KICC then conducts an aggressive foray into the various social media platforms to start telling the story about Kenya as a destination for business tourism, film tourism and leisure tourism tell , and KICC Delegate Experience Campaign,” said Gecaga.

By participating, 15 companies benefited from the suites in which they showcased their products, including jewelry and many other items.

“Gifting away suites is a much more cost-effective way to position your brand exclusively and attract the high-end market. It was exciting and there is a plan to make gift suites a part of Kenya’s destination marketing,” he said.

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She further underlined the need to develop the film destination in order to market the country through film production.

“If people come for film production, you can match them with local producers, we would come with the crew, the experience will impact other sectors of the economy,” she added.

She added, “This push across the various platforms creates awareness, which then leads to tourism business flowing into the country.”

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