Rigathi Gachagua blames Uhuru Kenyatta and Fred Matiangi for the growing insecurity

During a Kenyan Kwanza Economic Forum in Laikipia County, Gachagua pointed the finger at President Uhuru Kenyatta and Interior Minister Fred Matiang’i, claiming they were not properly performing their duties.

Citing Laikipia’s previous publicity of insecurity, Gachagua expressed disappointment to the head of state and Matiang’i for not responding quickly when innocent Kenyans lost their lives to the insecurity.

I was President Kenyatta’s personal assistant for seven years and this time I called him and told him that he had failed the Kenyans, especially the people of Laikipia who elected him.

The Minister of the Interior, who is also entrusted with such uncertain cases, acted negligently. He claims to be a performer but I want to tell the Kenyans that his job is just to get fat‘ Gachagua said.

Laikipia has suffered from insecurity since 2021 when bandits invaded some nature reserves, resulting in the deaths of police officers and thousands more civilians who were displaced in the ensuing chaos.

MP Mathira also stressed that he and the residents of Laikipia will forgive the President for other mistakes, but not the cases of insecurity in Laikipia that led to the residents’ deaths.

We will forgive the President for wrecking the economy, for bringing the opposition into government, but we will not forgive him for sitting and watching the deaths in Laikipia when the country has enough police and military” he said.

In the past, Gachugua has been seen attacking the government when he criticized police officers’ uniforms, claiming that police officers had suffered at the hands of the cabinet’s home secretary and his chief secretary – Fred Matiang’i and Karanja Kibicho – and he is keen to finish everything.

You’ve been through a lot through Matiang’i and Kibicho. We will change the blue uniform that our officers don’t want and go back to the previous one. We will return the blue one to the PCEA Church. It’s the uniform of the women’s guild,he said.

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