Ruto unveils the construction of a road linking Kenya and Tanzania


Kenya‘s President William Ruto has started construction of the Mtwapa-Kwa Kadzengo-Kilifi (A7) road, which will link Kenya and Tanzania.

The road is part of the Malindi-Lunga Lunga/Horohoro-Tanga-Bagamoyo East African Coastal Road Corridor which is linked at Sh7.5 billion (US$61.4 million).

Ruto pledged to place more emphasis on infrastructure developments to boost connectivity, trade and the tourism sector within the East African Community

“This is an important road between Kenya and Tanzania. It will boost trade and the economy between the two countries. It will unite the East African community in terms of integration, jobs, enterprise and poverty eradication,” the Kenyan leader said.

He was speaking in Mtwapa, Mombasa, where the first phase of construction of the 40km road began.

The head of state directed the country’s Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Kenya Highway Authority to redesign Mtwapa.


business boom

Business between Kenya and Tanzania is expected to increase after the project goes live. The road will be completed within 36 months.

The corridor is being built through a grant from the African Development Bank (AfDB) in partnership with the African Development Fund, the EU-African Infrastructure Trust Fund Grant and the Government of Kenya.

“I thank our partners and I promise to ensure that resources are used properly and that nobody misuses the funds in our hands for infrastructure development,” added President Ruto.

AfDB representative Hussein Iman said the road is a crucial project connecting Kenya and Tanzania and will facilitate trade, accessibility and cross-border movement.

European Union Ambassador to Kenya Henriatte Geiger said roads are important for growth.

“This is a significant project that will improve connectivity,” she said.

boost tourism

Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung’aro said the road will also boost tourism.

“Tourists used to get stuck on this road due to traffic jams. The town of Mtwapa needed a facelift and the development of this road will boost trade in the area. We want Mtwapa to become a business center that operates 24 hours a day,” said Mr. Mung’aro.

Cabinet secretary for blue economy Salim Mvurya said the road will boost trade between Kenya and Tanzania.

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