Standard Group in Support of the Vocational Education and Training Agenda

Attendees listen to Orlando Lyomu, Chief Executive Officer of Standard Group, during the Kenya Association of Technical Training’s Capacity Building Workshop and Annual General Meeting for School Directors, Directors, and Assistant Principals at PrideInn Paradise Beach Resort in Mombasa in September 2021.[Omondi Onyango, Standard]

Standard Group’s Chief Executive Officer Orlando Lyomu yesterday assured the Technical and Professional Education Institutions (TVET) of an ongoing partnership to ensure more Kenyans have access to technical skills.

Lyomu said the company is keen to partner with emerging technical training institutes to help their growth.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the group and the Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions (KATTI) in 2016 had borne fruit after technical institutions saw large enrollments and the government introduced student scholarships.

The effort, he said, has seen a move away from the graduate rush, which has turned many technical facilities into public universities.

The CEO spoke during a capacity building training course for principals and alternates in the Mombasa district. The group is a media sponsor.

He said advocacy was done through the technical and professional education journal and other platforms where the group provided educational opportunities for students.

“We provided a platform for promotion and awareness and as a result some institutions registered too many enrollments. We are pleased that students in technical training centers were considered worthy of funding, ”he said.

Suitable media solutions

The CEO said the group is ready to sit down with leaders of emerging vocational training institutions and develop appropriate media solutions that will increase their enrollment and ensure growth.

“There are institutions for which print media are better suited, while others need radio or digital platforms. We have to sit down with the coming institutions and find solutions. We are ready and ready to offer solutions to our customers, ”he said.

He was responding to calls from executives at emerging technical institutions who asked for strong support from the group in order to increase their student numbers.

“We have to include technical training to support the future. We should prepare students to fit into digital space. We should prepare our students for the future, ”said the CEO.

KATTI General Secretary Maren Omondi said vocational training institutions in the country were enjoying high enrollment, especially after the government introduced a capital grant of Sh30,000 for every student enrolled through the Kenyan Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS).

Omondi, the director of the Ramogi Technical Institute for Advanced Technology, said additional students can apply for loans from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).

“We have seen a high level of enrollment in vocational training institutions, as many students in need can take part in the courses and benefit from the flat rate per capita,” she said.

Meanwhile, Alice Kaguongo, assistant auditor-general at the Department of Education, while answering questions from school principals complaining about not being given seat allowances, said that board of governors secretaries (BOGs) in their institutions should get approval from the boards to be considered for seat allowances will.

She said that the boards of directors can oversee the Tvet institutions and school principals without being able to receive allowances without their express consent.

“The BOGs should sit down and decide whether or not to give the headmasters seat allowances,” she said.

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