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NAIROBI KENYA June 29 — Trial parties in Mombasa and Kisumu wanting to appeal to the Supreme Court will not need to travel to Nairobi after the court’s subsidiary offices have become operational.

In a statement, Chief Justice Martha Koome said the sub-registries are part of the judiciary’s promise to make justice easier to access.

She indicated that the registers will accept all filings from litigants and will forward urgent matters and files to the central register in Nairobi.

“All matters for which the court has jurisdiction can now be brought in the sub-chancellies, with the exception of petitions from the President, which for logistical reasons must be brought in at the seat of the Supreme Court in Nairobi,” she explained.

She pointed out that under Article 163(3)(a) the Court has exclusive initial jurisdiction to hear and decide disputes relating to elections to the office of President.

She explained that the court is also introducing a case management system that includes the electronic file.

She said that it also has appellate jurisdiction under Article 163(3)(b) to hear and decide appeals from the Court of Appeal and any other court or tribunal prescribed by national legislation.

“Other disputes fall under Article 163(6) of the Constitution, which gives the court the power to issue an advisory opinion on any matter affecting districts at the request of the national government, a state body or a county government,” she explained.

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The Court also deals with appeals from courts established under Article 168(8) of the Constitution to decide whether a judge should be removed from office.

The Supreme Court was established by the 2010 Constitution of Kenya as the supreme court in Kenya and enacted by Supreme Court Law No. 7 of 2011 and became effective on 26th October 2011.

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