Supreme Court Ruling: Monday, 2022 Kenya Presidential Election Motion D-Day

Kenya‘s Supreme Court on Monday delivered a final ruling on a petition challenging the results of last month’s presidential election.

The seven-member court adjourns Friday to consider the verdict after completing three days of hearings on the consolidated petition.

Defeated candidate Raila Odinga says his vote was manipulated to give his opponent William Ruto a narrow victory in the hard-fought election.

The lawyers for Oga Ruto and the electoral commission reject the claims.

For the third time, Oga Odinga challenged the election results for the Supreme Court.

Ruto and Odinga say they will respect the court’s decision on the President’s petition.

The judges base their decision on nine questions they raised for a consolidated alias overall petition.

As Kenya’s Supreme Court closes hearing on presidential election

Legal teams representing different parties do not submit oral submissions within the petition.

During today’s trial, the plaintiffs’ lawyers are accusing the Electoral Commission of failing to comply with orders to open up servers for inspection.

Judges are taking a break on Friday to write the verdict ahead of Monday’s much-anticipated verdict.

This marks the end of the tough legal battle surrounding Di Kontri’s highest court, in which attorneys are making these entries on the petition to the bench of seven judges.

Lawyers representing opposition leader Raila Odinga are asking the court to annul President-elect William Ruto’s election victory, citing irregularities.

The defendants’ lawyers include Oga Ruto and the Electoral Commission Bin, who put forward a spirited defense and asked the court to dismiss the case.

They say the court should throw out the case to say they didn’t provide evidence to prove the elections were rigged.

Now we can eagerly await Kenyans deciding how to transform East Africa’s political landscape.

Wetin analysts tok about Supreme Court ruling

Analysts say that unlike Oda jurisdictions, it’s difficult to predict how the judges will rule based on Dia history, ideology, or philosophy.

Legal experts name three possible scenarios for the Di decision.

They say the bench of seven judges can either confirm President-elect William Ruto’s election, annul the election and order a rerun.

Or they hand the victory over to the petitioner, Mr. Odinga.

Monday’s verdict has the potential to change the political landscape of the Contrarian countries and also offers an opportunity to reform electoral laws.

Security breaches in the courthouses

Meanwhile, security in the courtroom has not been tightened as stretches of road were closed ahead of the verdict.

Kenya’s Deputy Police Chief is not advising the public to watch the televised trials because the area inside the court is not cordoned off.

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