The Kenyan High Commissioner pays a courtesy visit to the Regional Minister of Oti

Oti Regional Minister Joshua Makubu has called on both local and foreign investors to take advantage of the region’s economic potential and invest in the area’s development.

Speaking to a delegation led by the Kenyan High Commissioner in Ghana, HE Eliphas Barine, the Regional Minister of Oti, noted that “the region is developing rapidly and will soon compete with other developed regions”.

“Established in 2019, the Oti region is one of the largest among the 6 newly created regions and has a lot of potential. Among other things, agriculture, eco-tourism and recently the discovery of iron ore in Akpafutordzi and other districts in the region have made the region one of the regions that will support the economic growth of the country when it is fully developed.”

Addressing the delegation, Mr. Makubu called for cooperation between domestic and foreign investors.

He stressed the need for African countries to work together and promote unity and development.

According to Mr. Makubu, the establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a step in the right direction in cooperation between African countries to promote development across the continent.

Mr. Joshua Makubu also called on the Kenyan High Commissioner to Ghana to take over the Oti region and encourage Kenyan investors to develop the economic potential in the Oti region.

“The African Free Trade Area came at the right time and seeing African countries developing through African countries is a step in the right direction. The Oti region is ready for investment and it was time for the investment community to pay attention to the area. We hope this will help investors across the continent invest in the region.”

“The discovery of iron ore deposits also makes the region a target for agriculture and mining investors. We therefore call on potential investors, particularly in Ghana and Africa, to invest in the region. We are pleased that the Kenyan High Commissioner is here today and we hope that he will facilitate cooperation between the two countries to ensure development that benefits us all.”

The Kenyan High Commissioner, HE Eliphas Barine, assured the minister of his commitment to pushing investors from Kenya into the Oti region.

According to HE Eliphas Barine, the Oti region is an investor’s dream location.

He said Kenya is willing to work with any African country as the development of the African continent is of paramount importance to its people.

“Kenya is willing to cooperate with any other African country and with that Oti region is now a friend of Kenya. Fortunately, we have learned that some parts of the Oti region have migrated from Kenya, so we are always willing to work with our own people.”

“The region is blessed with many natural resources; Rivers, plantations, beautiful tourist landscapes and many others. The Oti region is an investor’s dream location and we hope this new friendship with the region will lead to development and economic growth.”

The delegation, led by the Kenyan High Commissioner, included Kenya and Volta Trade Attaché Oti and Eastern Region Chair of the Association of Ghana Industries Dela Gadzanku.

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