The Supreme Court is asking for a report on the deception of a Kenyan citizen in custody

The court also requested the assistance of the additional Attorney General in this case.

New Delhi:

The Supreme Court takes serious note of the “fraud” he is accused of by a Kenyan national of Indian origin in a custody dispute and has requested the CBI to report on the steps he took to secure his presence and transfer of custody secure his underage son to his estranged wife here.

The Supreme Court also ordered the Registrar of Assurances of Rajkot to provide details of another person’s rights and interests in two of convicted suspect Perry Kansagra’s properties by Oct. 8 so that it can proceed with their seizure.

A bench composed of Chief Justices Uday Umesh Lalit and PS Narasimha had convicted Mr Kansagra on July 11 of his contempt for playing “cheating” by securing custody of his son from his estranged wife and failing to return to the Supreme Court was.

The bank on Friday last reminded the CBI that it had given assurances that all possible help and assistance would be given by Union agencies and the Indian Embassy in Kenya to ensure the presence of Mr Kansagra and his minor son before that court.

“Rajat Nair, a learned attorney acting for the CBI, requests that the status report be filed on or before October 8, 2022. Let what is necessary happen,” the bank stated in the order.

It noted the minor child’s mother’s application for attachment of two properties in Rajkot belonging to her estranged husband, who does not appear before the Supreme Court.

After Mr. Kansagra was found guilty of violating his orders and contempt of court, the CJI-led jury adjourned the matter to hear the convict a number of times on the question of punishment.

“However, since the suspect has not appeared or been brought to court as a last chance, time has been given and the matter has been ordered to be made public on August 18… After some delays, the matter is now made public before us. Even after being granted such relief and adjournment on a few occasions, Mr. Perry Kansagra has not appeared before this court,” it noted.

It has now published the Suo Motu contempt case on October 10 because it is considering the issue of the verdict and its delivery after reviewing the CBI report.

The bank would also consider the mother’s request that a CBI officer or “any responsible official working in either the State Department or the High Commissioner’s Office in Kenya” be assigned to accompany Smriti Madan Kansagra to Kenya to meet the child and /or initiate appropriate proceedings in Kenya.

It has also sought the assistance of Additional Attorney General Aishwarya Bhati in the case.

Mr Kansagra, who has dual citizenship of Kenya and the United Kingdom, fought a custody battle over his son with his estranged wife in Indian courts and vowed to honor the terms, and later won custody of the Supreme Court in 2020 by allegedly having a falsified or false “mirror injunction” issued by the Kenyan High Court.

He later refused not only to obey orders granting the mother visitation or assembly rights, but shockingly asked the Kenyan court to “repeat Indian jurisdiction and/or laws and/or judgments, grant them.” violating and/or violating fundamental rights of minors through alleged and unenforceable judgments and orders in relation to minors pursuant to Article 23(3)(d) of the Kenyan Constitution”.

Considering Mr Kansagra’s “fraudulent” “unruly” conduct, the Supreme Court had overturned its judgment and issued a series of orders against him, including registering a Suo Motu contempt case.

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