Woman who sued Sonko for child support says she was forced to smear name in exchange for money Capital News

Nairobi, Kenya, July 28 (Reuters) – A Kajiado woman who had sued former Nairobi Gov. Mike Sonko for child support has dropped the case against him, saying she was forced to smear his name for money.

The woman had filed a lawsuit in court to force Sonko to pay a monthly allowance of Sh448,450 and accused him of neglecting her child, whom she claimed fathered 15 years ago.

However, in an affidavit on Thursday, Collet Diane Lusuyi said she was approached by two Mombasa County ladies, identified as ZUHURA and LATIFA, who promised her Sh1million to smear Sonko’s name by filing the lawsuit.

In the affidavit, Lusuyi further admitted that she was paid Sh240,000 in cash by the two ladies.

“THAT I have since searched my soul on this matter, contemplated the suit against the defendant and NOW wish to unconditionally withdraw both the chamber subpoena motion and the May 12, 2022 complaint and wish to continue to offer my unconditional apologies to the plaintiff here and to this honorable one court,” she said.

She asked the court to mark the matter withdrawn without the court ordering any obligated costs.

“I can see the documents filed by the plaintiff, they are on record, I consider those filings and mark the case as withdrawn with no order for costs,” Pamela Achieng, senior principal magistrate of the Ngong Law Courts, who presided over the case decided.

Responding to the lawsuit in May, Sonko alleged that the woman who was demanding child support had a tendency to blackmail men and used the money to go to parties.

He revealed the woman had two other children who have since been taken from their father.

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“I kindly ask the lady who claims she has my 15 year old child to bring the child to me as her other two children Jabali and Riley were recently taken from her by her ex-boyfriend Austin who is now at huyu dame hutumiya watoi kublackmail ndio apewe doo ya kudunda lives in Langata coz 24/7,” Sonko explained.

Sonko explained that there is no need to worry about the alimony issue as he is willing to raise the child regardless of whether he is the biological father or not.

“Hata mtoto awe si wangu amlete tu kwangu ata saii nitamlea vizuri. Na pia madem wengine mkifeel hamuezi cope na kulea watoi msiwadhulumu kivyovote, waleteni kwangu nitawalea. It’s tough but fun to be Mike Sonko.

(Even if the child isn’t mine, she should bring it to me. I will raise it well. And ladies, if you feel like raising a child you cannot handle, bring it to me. I will Raise them. It’s hard but fun to be Mike Sonko.)

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